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How do I chose what I need for my outdoor living space?

September 26th, 2013 by Daniel McCurry
How do I chose what I need for my outdoor living space? I go about designing an 
outdoor room from a very playful perspective. Imagine myself in the finished space. If you need to set up placeholders such as marking paint, masking tape or box’s to help your imagination, do so. Taking the time to slow down and imagine the space in use is crucial to helping you find what you will need. Think through how people will move through your space, easily communicate in deep thought with one another, enjoy a fire or cook from the grill. Doing this will help you think of where people will want to sit, where you would need to set down a cocktail, where plantings or containers need to be to screen or accent an area, etc. Help your spouse or client re-imagine themselves experiencing a good time in the space. This, in my opinion, is the only way to get outdoor living to fit you or your clients specific needs and desires

Continuation of the Home

March 16th, 2013 by Daniel McCurry

Remembering the many wonderful times my family shared together outside around a roaring fire even when it wasn’t that cold or enjoying a beverage or grilling out with friends on the patio, our home always seemed to include everyday living on the outside. Those special memories surely shaped our purpose in the way we wanted to help others in creating treasured areas of outdoor living for their home when we started Father Nature Landscapes several years ago.

When thinking about how to create the sense of home, I went to Wikipedia for its definition. In short, it defines home as a place meant to give shelter to daily living ranging from eating, sleeping, and entertaining friends. It also suggests that home is a mental or emotional state of refuge or comfort. Our purpose for landscaping is centered around all of these necessities.

Instead of considering landscaping as something separate or in addition to your interior living spaces; why not consider it a continuation of that space into the natural, native terrain with lush plantings, water features or intimate areas for relaxation. It simply expands our living space for morning coffee, romantic dinners, or afternoon cocktails in the garden! It really makes sense to embrace this fresh and healthy way of purposeful living.



February 12th, 2013 by admin

Are you ready for the Birmingham Home and Garden Show? Daniel McCurry talks about the upcoming event on ABC 33/40.

ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Water Wise

August 15th, 2012 by admin

In the modern landscape, being water wise is not just turning off the hose for the summer. Most people like the green, lush landscape through the summer, and it is obtainable if you plan ahead.

  1. Design for plants for your area. (Zone allocation, sun/shade, high and dry ground or low wetlands).
  2. When planting, water-in your plant material extremely well. Doing this will ensure that the root system can penetrate the native soil and tap into the natural soil moisture and nutrient nearby. We also like to use a type of mychrobial fungi during planting to ensure healthy soil culture.
  3. A healthy 2” layer of mulch around your plants will hold in moisture, protect your roots from heat/freeze and look good at the same time.
  4. Use your irrigation (or sprinkler) system with thoughtful planning. Plants need consistency in their watering schedule to help grow deep, healthy roots. Most importantly is a properly installed irrigation system, run times set for early in the morning and use of modern moisture control devices.  (Anything from a simple ‘Rain clik’ to the modern station monitoring sensors).
  5. Finally, yearly (at minimal) you should clean out the crown’s (the base of the plant where the stem meets the soil) of your plants. Excessive buildup of organic matter can actually hurt a plant by suffocation to the root system and giving an environment for fungi/insects to grow. Un-like the old wives’ tale, I don’t feel this helps with water conservation as much as one would think.

During this hot summer, most people are frantically trying to find ways to keep their landscapes looking their best. This water wise topic should not only be during the heat of the summer, but during all seasons in the landscape.

Realizing that several of these topics are a bit more involved than others, please feel free to contact us for products or advice.

Father Nature Sponsors MS Walk

April 15th, 2012 by admin

Father Nature sponsored the Birmingham MS walk in Homewood on April 14.