Gig Harbor Landscaping Specialists

Father Nature Landscapes

Looking for landscapers with a creative approach, thoughtful process, and the projects and referrals to prove it? At Father Nature, we’re Gig Harbor landscaping specialists. 

Better client care means a more enjoyable process

Job number one is to take great care of you. In fact, we make it our ambition to become the standard to which you hold other professional contractors. Our fine-tuned process ensures proactive communication from first meeting to final walk through. Our goal? To minimize surprises and maximize the enjoyment you get out of collaborating with us.

Speaking of enjoyment, our philosophy’s a little different

Everyone enjoys the look of a nicely landscaped space, but when our Gig Harbor landscape designers set out to design your yard they don’t just want to know what kinds of flowers you like to look at. We believe great landscape design brings you outdoors, it helps you connect life with land.

Whatever your dream, our Gig Harbor landscaping team will deliver a beautiful, functional, and engaging space that meets your needs and reflects your unique personality.

A taste of our Gig Harbor Landscaping projects

Want to see what this philosophy looks like in actual landscaping? Gig Harbor and the surrounding area are home to many stand-out Father Nature projects:

  • An elaborate patio for entertaining and soaking in the sun
  • A hillside planting that enfolds a sitting area in zen-like calm
  • A terraced hardscape that can host crowds and capture Puget Sound views

Contact us today to set up a consultation. Our outdoor living specialists will help you transform the way you live outside.