Landscape Design
Birmingham, AL

Father Nature Landscapes

Go from vague ideas to a fully fleshed out vision for your garden with our experts in landscape design. Birmingham, AL, based, Father Nature is a design-build landscape contractor. We specialize in designing outdoor lifestyles.

It’s finally time to give the outside of your home the same love you’ve given the interior. You’re considering your options for high-quality landscaping firms in the Birmingham area.

We have a unique approach when it comes to landscape design. Birmingham, AL, is home to several design-build landscaping firms, but our philosophy stands apart. We believe in connecting life and land. For us, that means learning how you want to interact with your property, so your garden looks incredible and makes you want to spend more time outside doing the things you love with the people you care about.

To create outdoor living spaces this customized, we ask a lot of questions. And we welcome yours too. The better we understand your vision, and the better you understand our process, the better the outcome.

Our Birmingham landscape Designers’ process

  • Step 1: First step is a site consultation with one of our outdoor living professionals at your home. We’ll get a feel for your needs, the condition of the site, and familiarize ourselves with your wish list. If a landscape design is needed, we’ll give you a quote for our design services while we’re there.
  • Step 2: On to the design consultation! We’ll photograph and measure your property. Then it’s back to the office where our Birmingham landscape designer will get busy crafting the garden of your dreams. Your garden design will be the road map for your future yard. We can either execute the full vision now or break projects apart into logical phases as budget allows. Either way, your vision has been documented, so we’re one step closer to the garden of your dreams.
  • Step 3: Next,we’ll share the landscape design and a construction proposal with you. Assuming you love what you see, we’ll enter the contract phase.
  • Step 4: For your protection and ours, we’ll create a contract for both parties to sign, then begin project scheduling and coordination.
  • Step 5: It’s time to have some fun in the dirt. As construction begins, our team of landscape professionals will impress you with its expertise and hard work.
  • Step 6: We’re committed to client care and satisfaction. When your landscaping project is finished, we’ll do a final walk-through. As a bonus, we’ll even educate you on any yard-care particulars you’ll need to know to help your garden thrive. We’ll also handle the final payment at the walk through.

The cost and scope of our landscape design services in Birmingham

On the low end, landscape design can be simple, like planning plantings for a small bed. A service like this may only cost $500, and the difference in landscaping results can be well worth the investment.

Many of our clients want something more comprehensive in terms of landscape design. Birmingham, AL, has many yards that have received the full Father Nature treatment from one of our designers — a difference that is as evident from the curb as it is on closer inspection. If you need landscape design for your entire property, including a plant list, hardscape features, lighting design, and water feature placement, our services typically begin at $1200 and go up from there based on property size and design needs.

With your landscape design finished, you can hire us to be your landscape contractor and craft what we have already created on paper, or you can take your design to another contractor.

Our promise

We look forward to showing what working with a professional contractor should be like. Expect us to do the little things well: return phone calls and emails promptly, show up on time for meetings, and make you and your project the focus when we are together.

When it comes to our work, we will give your property the respect it deserves, not treat it like a jobsite, constructing a landscape that beckons you outdoors for years of enjoyment. 

Illustrating Birmingham landscape design, this is an image of a landscape designer.