We are a company committed to cultivating growth, passion, servitude, family provision… and to being a really great place to work.


Passion & Provision

Our Mission

Our hope is to provide spiritual and mental growth, professional learning, and skill building for every employee at our company. We want each individual who comes into our environment to be inspired and, when the time comes, leave with additional knowledge they gained during their time with us.

We are committed to helping people create their story, and an emotional connection between life and land. The Father Nature Team relies on each other heavily in order for this process to take place. Our lives evolve each day, but we will stay true to ourselves, our mission, and our story. All while working toward the ultimate goal of helping each of our clients redefine how they experience outdoor living.

Who We Are

  • Integrity: doing what is right when no one is watching
  • Passion: loving life, people, what we do
  • Growth: spiritual, personal, professional, relational
  • Team: leveraging our talents to maximize potential
  • Serve: giving back to our clients, teammates, and community
  • Value: through quality, creativity, and sustainability
  • Significance: leaving an impression on the land and lives encountered

Our Process

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4