Expert Garden and Landscape Maintenance

In Tacoma, Washington

Do you dream of having a picture-perfect lawn, but can’t get it looking its best due to a lack of time, expertise, or physical limitation? Dealing with pest problems or pressure from high neighborhood standards can add to the stress your property causes you. Let us take that weight off of your shoulders with our maintenance services.

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Father Nature proved to be the best company for the job. I have told everyone…to hire Father Nature.

– Deb C

The quality of their work on the backyard was exceptional.

– J Stinnett

Every member of the crew – Oscar, Levi, Joaquin, Manuel, and Daniel was professional, great to work with, and did marvelous work.

– K Haas

Father Nature

Connecting Life + Land

Do you feel disconnected from your outdoor space? Daily obligations make it hard to enjoy time outside. Finding moments to keep up with property maintenance can seem impossible. We will bring life back into your outdoor surroundings. We are a team of landscapers, contractors, designers, and consultants with a passion for creating beautiful landscapes to connect people with the outdoors.

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

Does your busy schedule get in the way of looking after your property? Are you tired of spending your weekends working in your backyard, instead of enjoying it with your friends and family? We can help.

Father Nature Landscapes offers Tacoma landscape maintenance on a schedule that works best for you and your lifestyle. Enjoy thoughtful, meticulous care all year with our service provided by our expert team.

Do you have a commercial property in need of landscape maintenance?

Contact us to arrange commercial landscape maintenance service.

Weekly Landscape Maintenance

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the mowing, pruning, and general upkeep your property needs to look its best? We offer weekly landscape maintenance to take care of this for you. Reclaim your time, and leave the lawn and garden care to our skilled team.

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Bi-Weekly Landscape Maintenance

Do you have a property that requires less regular maintenance? Are you in need of a more flexible schedule? Consider a bi-weekly visit. We understand that not every garden requires weekly attention. With this plan, we offer a visit every other week, that’s just right for maintaining the beauty of your landscape.

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Combination Maintenance Schedule

Do you find trying to keep your garden or property vibrant and beautiful all year overwhelming? It can be hard to adjust the needs of mowing and pruning with the changing seasons. We offer a combination of weekly visits in the summer and bi-weekly in the winter. This plan is carefully crafted to give your garden the attention it needs each season. It’s the perfect solution for year-round beauty.

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Tacoma Property Care

Do you waste too much time trying to improve the health of your plants, or removing weeds? It’s frustrating to watch your property lose its charm due to the demands of upkeep. At Father Nature Landscapes, we provide a broad spectrum of garden and landscape maintenance services. We’re landscapers you can rely on to keep your property looking amazing.

Grass Mowing

Achieve a healthy, lush, well-maintained lawn with mowing service during every visit in the growing months.

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Tree and Shrub Pruning and Trimming

Improve the health, growth, and beauty of your trees and shrubs with dedicated attention. Regular maintenance nurtures their long-term vitality.

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Weed Control with Herbicide Application

Overcome the persistent challenge of weeds with regular herbicide treatments. This service targets unwanted growth, without harming your plants, to keep your lawn and garden weed-free and thriving.

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Mulching and Garden Weeding

Rest easy knowing that any recurring weeds in your garden are taken care of. Layers of mulch will be applied to your garden to keep it looking excellent throughout the seasons.

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Your lawn and garden will be provided with targeted solutions of nutrients required for robust growth and health.

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Are you ready for your property to look its best all year? Contact our team to discuss your options and get the perfect solution for your needs.

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