Estate in the Woods — Birmingham, Alabama

A vast, previously unlivable yard was transformed by more than just landscape design, but by a relationship. What resulted were lush, deeply personal spaces genuinely reflecting the family who dwells in them.

In many ways, this project is ongoing, as the client has worked with Father Nature for several years and continues to do so. During the process, a strong bond has grown between the homeowner and designer, making each additional project even more rewarding for the designer and life-enhancing for the family.

From meandering paths, to a landscaped understory, to new patios featuring vintage found objects from around the world, the client-designer collaboration yields spectacular and sometimes surprising results. Such as the the custom-designed table in the dining area; the fountain, which was made in France by Italian craftsmen; and the edible terrace garden featuring herbs, berries, apples, and more. Wonder what they will create next?

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